Driver Awareness Training

The Safer Roads Partnership and Hampshire Constabulary are now offering an alternative to prosecution. Initially the course is being offered to low end speeders in 30 mph limits across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Whats is the aim of driver awareness training?

The aim is quite simply, to improve the driving skills, attitudes and behaviour of any driver attending the course, thereby reducing the likelihood of that driver being involved in a future speeding incident.

The course will address:

  • What caused the individual to exceed the posted speed limit
  • What their reasons were for doing so and what are the impact and consequences of this behaviour

Trainers will:

  • Dispel false beliefs
  • Explore attitudes towards speed
  • Highlight stopping distances
  • Look at the consequences of a collision
  • Discuss hazard perception

The course aims will be achieved through the delivery of a 3 hours interactive course where candidates will be encouraged to participate and share views and experiences.

The cost of the course is £74 and can only be attended once in any 3 year period. It will be offered to drivers of all ages regardless of whether they have previous endorsements on their licence.

Courses are currently available at Newport, Isle of Wight, Southampton and Portsmouth

Comments from some course attendees:

“Thank you for what has proved to be a positive, meaningful and enjoyable experience”

“It made me think about my own driving and how it can be improved”

“Excellent course, helped change attitude”


1. What is involved?
Each session is run by two trainers and is a mixture of discussion and information looking at individual’s attitude to speed and the effects of inappropriate behaviour on our roads.

2. Do I have to take a written test, driving test or take part in role plays?
No, however, each participant is provided with an interactive handset to take part in multiple choice quizzes and an attitude survey.

3. How long does it take?
Three hours in total. There is a break in the middle of the session where tea and coffee will be provided.

4. How do I book a place on the course?
If you accept the offer of Driver Awareness Training, you will be contacted by their Service Provider with course availability.

5. Are there any sessions at the weekend?
No. Morning and afternoon sessions take place on week days only.

6. Do I still get the points?
No. The Driver Awareness course is offered as an alternative to a Conditional Offer.

7. Do I pay the fixed penalty as well as the course fee?
No. The Driver Awareness course is offered as an alternative to a Conditional Offer at a cost of £74.

8. Where can I attend a course? You can currently attend a course in Southampton, Portsmouth and Newport, Isle of Wight.

9. I live out of county, do I have to attend a course in Hampshire or the Isle of Wight?
Yes. Driver Awareness Training is a local scheme, as a result they do not offer the option of attending a course in other areas.

10. I have special needs – can you accommodate me?
Yes – Please indicate clearly on the form where prompted what your needs are.

11. Is there any child care available?

12. I accepted the offer but I haven’t booked a course. What happens now?
If you fail to book your course or fail to attend, you will be referred back to a Conditional Offer.