Reducing road casualties in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight

They aim is to provide a focussed and intelligence led response to the problem of speed related casualties on the roads in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Hampshire Constabulary works in partnership  Hampshire County Council, Portsmouth City Council,Southampton City Council, Isle of Wight Council, Her Majesty’s Courts Service, The Highways Agency, the Fire and Rescues Services and Ambulance Services of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight respectively.

To achieve their aim of casualty reduction, through detailed analysis, they identify the roads with the greatest number of collisions. In particular, they focus on the roads where collisions are thought  to be caused by excessive or inappropriate speed. At these locations they conduct speed enforcement using either fixed camera or mobile camera technology to reduce speeds and more importantly reduce casualties. Through this activity their officers will occasionally detect additional offences.

Those road users detected committing an offence are either offered a Driver Awareness Training course, a fixed penalty notice, or a summons to court.


How are they funded?

Before April 2007 they were funded through the recovery of operational costs, known as hypothecation, from the Department for Transport. During this time they were the Safety Camera Partnership.

Between April 2007 and March 2011 they  were funded via grants paid to Highways Authorities by the Government. To reflect this funding stream, they adopted the name Safer Roads Partnership.

From April 2011 they are funded by Hampshire Constabulary and are a part of the Roads Policing Unit.