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Bank Holidays

Its that time of year where we have many bank holidays.  If you are planning to venture out onto the roads during the public holidays, be sure to plan your route beforehand and allow time for traffic so that you don’t need to rush.  This way everyone can arrive at their destinations safely.  Be sure to check the dates of upcoming bank holidays at

The RAC recommend travelling on quieter roads at peak times and using the busier roads at quieter times.  This will save fuel as well as time.  For DIY, the various shops such as IKEA or B&Q seem to attract high levels of traffic on bank holidays.  Avoiding these large stores at peak times is recommended.  The same goes for other types of shopping.  Large shopping centres can be phenomenal traffic hotspots.  It’s recommended that they are avoided at peak times unless necessary.

Website revamp

We have had a website revamp.  Don’t worry, the site is still as useful as it used to be.  Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about the new layout.